• Take charge of both the accounting and internal audit service of the LGU.
  • Review supporting documents before preparations of vouchers to determine completeness of requirements.
  • Prepare and submit financial statements to the LCE and the sanggunian concerned.


  • An accounting department adaptive of technological advancements armed with in depth knowledge by constantly upgrading and committed to quality service excellence.


  • To maintain and develop systematic and responsible recording of local government transactions, process and come up with timely reports to help users arrive at best financial decisions.


Melonie M. Fajarillo - Municipal Accountant


  • Jelibeth F. Faner               -  Admin. Aide VI
  • Ramon F. Reyes III, LT     -  Admin Aide IV
  • Precious Asther F. Faner   - Admin. Aide I
  • Lovelyn F. Venus               -  Admin. Aide I