• Review and consolidate budget proposals of different departments and offices of the LGU.
  • Assist the LCE in the preparation of the annual and supplemental budget.
  • Study and evaluate budgetary implications of proposed legislation and submit comments and recommendation thereon.
  • Acts as a member of the Local Finance Committee.


  • An office that continues to provide efficient and effective budgetary support services to the LGU's program in the delivery of basic services and facilities as mandated by the Local Government Code and supported to the development goals and objectives of the Local Government Unit of Corcuera.


  • The office of the MBO shall endeavor to coordinate with different office in the prioritization and monitoring the implementation of their various programs and activities, to work closely with the other member of the LFC on matters affecting the budgetary need of the LGU.

Organiztional Outcome:



Elmer M. Fruelda - Municipal Mayor