• Take charge of the treasury office, perform the duties provided for under Book II of the Local Government Code.
  • Take custody and exercise proper management of funds of the LGU concerned.
  • Submit to the LCE certified statement of income and expenditures for budget preparation purposes.


  • Treasury Department committed to deliver basic services to its constituents in terms of financial support to plans in progress of LGU.


  • Maintain and update tax information system of LGU and accurate recording of tax revenues collected.

Organizational Outcome:

Orlando Gil F. Fajarillo, Jr. - Acting Municipal Treasurer


  • Lenie F. Fojas - Revenue Collection Clerk II
  • Kinjerald Y. Fajarillo - Revenue Collection Clerk I
  • Nitranito F. Falogme - Administrative Aide IV
  • Jaynick F. Fajiculay - Adm. Aide I
  • Percilito F. Capinig Jr. - Adm. Aide I
  • Marc Louis F. Dalida - Adm. Aide I